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big events going on. the forecasted traffic gridlock. we'll tell you how to get around the biggest messes coming up in a live report. >> so much for the heat wave. much cooler temperatures expected throughout the weekend. just how far they will dip coming up. >> all right. good morning, everybody. it is friday, finally here, october 5. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. new this morning from washington, economists are surprised at the numbers in the september employment report. the nation's unemployment rate fell to 7.8% last month. that is down from 8.1% in august. the economy created 114,000 jobs last month sending the jobless rate to its lowest level since january of 2009. the jobs report will likely be the main focus as president obama and republican challenger mitt romney continue on the campaign trail today. yesterday the president said romney can't pay for his tax plan without sticking it to the middle class. but he did acknowledge romney's stellar performance at
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wednesday's debate. >> we can't afford to double down on the same top-down economic policies that got us into this mess. that is not a jobs plan. >> they plan on raising taxes on the american people and that will kill jobs. we will not let that happen. we want to create jobs, not kill jobs in this country. >> when asked which candidate would best handle unemployment, romney topped the president 51- 45% in a cnn/orc poll taken before wednesday's debate and before the morning's numbers were released. while the jobless rate is falling, prices at the pump are rising. and while were you sleeping, gas prices went up 16 cents a gallon in the bay area. >> it's scary. 68 bucks to fill up my honda and anne makovec in cupertino now with what's causing the big bump at the pump. anne. >> reporter: frank, i would not recommend you fill up your tank here at the 76 station in cupertino. you can see the price for a gallon of regular unleaded just a tenth of a cent below 5.40 a
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gallon. these are the highest prices that we have ever recorded on this date here in the bay area. prices have risen 16 cents a gallon since yesterday and that's after a big jump earlier this week. the spike is being blamed on refinery and pipeline problems in northern and southern california including that chevron refinery fire in richmond this summer. >> the panic could easily subside very quickly and -- and things could calm down. but we just don't know how quickly they are going to be able to get these supplies back online that we need. >> reporter: here is the latest damage according to aaa. nearly 4.60 a gallon in san francisco, 4.53 in san jose. 4.52 in oakland. now, some costco stations down in southern california have actually run out of gas. they have locked up their pumps until further notice. gas inventory in california is the lowest in more than 10 years. we did though check with costco
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stations here in the bay area and they say they do have gas. everybody is hoping to find the lowest gasoline prices. don't end up here at this 76. we have all of the lowest prices for you in your neighborhood right now listed on live in cupertino, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> gosh, i remember when a gallon of gas was 89 cents. >> i can go lower than that but we won't go there. the fleet is in, the play- offs are here in the bay area and it's all gearing up for a busy week and traffic will be a mess. >> cbs 5 traffic reporter elizabeth wenger joins us now from san francisco. you know all the areas to avoid. >> reporter: i know. i wish i did. unfortunately, just every area is going to be busy. they actually made this map. this is just some of the events going on in san francisco. and as you can see, every one of these tabs different incidents. so from the golden gate park area to north beach to the castro to obviously all along the waterfront and around the embarcadero, it is going to be
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jam-packed with cars. it should be some good views. i have already got a good one behind me. i'm not sure you can see it through this fence but we have a big old navy vessel and some of the sailing yachts for fleet week. it's going to be a busy loud weekend at least if yesterday was any indication. listen in. [ sound of blue angel jets ] >> reporter: that was the blue angels as they did a practice round yesterday. don't drive. that is the best advice. it shouldn't be a huge shocker but parking will be hard in the san francisco area. to avoid most gridlock, you can avoid the waterfront, use side streets. maybe the san mateo bridge might be a good option, bay bridge, golden gate bridge very popular and going to be very busy. now, if fleet week and america's cup weren't enough we made a map of a few of the other things going on. we have hardly strictly bluegrass, that's in golden gate park. giants games over at at&t. 49ers, castro street fair, italian heritage parade, and then outside of the city
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florence & the machine performing in mountain view, madonna in san jose, justin bieber is in town. we also got a cal game so, whew, there's just so much going on! ! it makes me exhaust the just to talk about it. so it's going to be a busy weekend. use mass transit if you can. bart ferries muni are all stepping up service. bart told us they have not seen such numbers since they shut the bay bridge down and the giants victory parade a huge record setting day for bart. bart had two of its top ten ridership days already this week and they expect the numbers to go through the roof this weekend. san francisco's mayor says they can handle all the crowds and we're good to go for this weekend. so hopefully, traffic-wise, this is the calm before the big storm happening this weekend. for the latest on traffic conditions on the roads let's go inside to gianna. >> thank you. should be a very fun weekend in san francisco. in fact, most of the bay area. so far, we are not seeing too much this friday morning as far as accidents go. however, the bay bridge is
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starting to get a bit busy. they haven't turned on the metering lights. looks like the busiest are those cash lanes. fastrak users are still cruising through so not too bad this morning on friday. all right. elsewhere if you are crossing the bay bridge towards fremont, looks like it's a camera shy there, traffic clear into san francisco. here's a live look at 880 so far no problems northbound easy ride into the maze. we are not seeing any delays southbound. also as you head towards hayward, nice in that area. if you are headed near 92 and skyline, looks like we are getting reports of an accident with possible injuries. no word yet if any lanes are blocked but chp is headed on scene. that's a look at traffic. lawrence, how's weather? >> weather is fantastic! i'm loving it. nice cooldown, of course, after that heat wave but looks like it's going to stay cool in through the weekend. then there's even a chance we could see a couple of raindrops as weigh head in toward next week. cloudy skies outside right now low clouds onshore. above that a high cloud deck as well temperatures into the 50s although we have some 40s
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in some of the north bay valleys at this hour. by the afternoon, we are going to start to break up the clouds a bit but these temperatures are going to stay well below average usually in the 70s and 80s. we are going to stay way down maybe only about 69 degrees in santa rosa, 11 degrees below the average. 6 degrees below average in livermore at 74 and about 72 degrees in concord. it should be even cooler for the weekend. we'll talk about that and the prospect for some rain, guys, coming up in few minutes. >> can't believe the rain is coming. 6:07. a 34-year-old contra costa county man died of rabies two months ago working overseas. they think he contracted the fatal disease back in march when he came into contact with a bat in southern contra costa county. it is the county's first rabies death in nearly 20 years. they plan a briefing to direct people to avoid wildlife. hundreds if not thousands of patients could be at risk for a rare meningitis infection. a tainted steroid drug is being blamed for an outbreak of fungal meningitis in six states including here in california.
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symptoms include headache, nausea, dizziness, and fever. but those symptoms are also linked to other medical conditions. the steroid is used to treat back pain. albany police say there were multiple victims of a teacher accused of lewd acts with a minor. that teacher 28-year-old james izumizaki was found dead monday. investigators say he committed suicide. so many civil rights attorneys want a federal judge to intervene in the city of oakland's efforts to [ indiscernible ] stem from a case 12 years ago when four police officers dubbed the riders were accused of imposing vigilante justice. if you are flying out today, you could be in for a rough ride. the loose seats problem is forcing american airlines to cancel dozens of flights nationwide and cate caugiran is live at sfo where two flights have been canceled.
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44 flights have been canceled nationwide. >> reporter: the airline hopes to be back on track by tomorrow. now, the airline pulled 48 boeing 757s out of service to make these repairs so there will be thousands of unhappy travelers today. the repairs started earlier this week after loose seats were reported on two separate 757s that were actually recently refurbished. american airlines says they have used the same seats for 20 years without problems until now. passengers on these flights recall the moments midair as traumatic. >> seats flipped backwards. it was actually a complete nightmare. >> the wear and tear on the locking mechanism allowed them to become dislodged. >> reporter: american airlines said the problem is due to a clamp that holds seats to the tracks on the floor, and now they believe it was a combination of wear, poor design and even soda spilled on the tracks. new fix includes an additional locking mechanism.
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federal officials are continuing a safety investigation into american airlines. no other airline reported similar problems. united airlines doesn't use the same type of seats and u.s. airways says they use a different type of hardware to lock down those seats. we are live at sfo. cate caugiran, cbs 5. thank you. up next, one year without steve jobs of a special tribute today on the anniversary of the apple founder's death. >> a gay teen banned from the boy scouts' highest honor. how his mother's fight is getting national attention. >> and a little girl's tears of joy. how a stranger helped reunite her with her stolen puppy.
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a young american opened fire at a hotel in israel today... kill
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time now 6:15. in your world, a young american opened fire at a hotel in israel today killing a chef before he was shot and killed by police. police in elat say the shooting appears to stem from a personal dispute. the gunman's name hasn't been released. police say antiterror units stormed the hotel and when the gunman fired at them from the hotel kitchen, officers fired back. bodies of 18 children and an adult have been found after a landslide buried in an elementary school in southwest china. one person is still reported missing. the students were in class during a public holiday yesterday to make up for classes missed during recent earthquakes. at least 80 people were killed in those quakes. a moraga teen's quest to become an eagle scout appears to be over since he told his family his friends and a boy scout counselor that he is gay. the high school senior completed his final project just last month. it was an anti-bullying wall he helped create at his old middle school in moraga. but his troop refuses to sign
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off on his eagle badge. >> there was an opportunity for our students to participate in the making a permanent mural that would promote that idea of tolerance and acceptance for all our students. each tile has a different message about respecting all differences. it's a very positive message to promote. >> more than 1220,000 people have signed an online petition -- more than 120,000 people have signed an online petition to urge them not to deny the award. the boy scouts said, "he does not agree to the scouting's principal of duty to god and does not meet scouting's membership standard on sexual orientation. i just learned from chp there is a new accident at the metering lights westbound toward the bay bridge
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westbound blocking lanes. you can see what it did to the bay bridge within a few minutes t stacked innings minutes, stacked up. slow and go until they clear the accident. towards the eastshore freeway, we are going to see traffic build as well depending how long this accident will be stuck at the metering lights at the bay bridge. so right now, extra volume near ashby. the wreck is near the metering lights at the bay bridge. we have a stalled vehicle southbound 880 at high street blocking lanes. alan brooks cruised through there and traffic was slow approaching the scene. northbound 880 no problems. so traffic okay northbound, just the southbound side delays along 880. also the rest of your drive times in the east bay westbound 580 busy as well altamont pass to 680 looking at about a 21-minute ride as you head through there. so most of the brake lights are through the altamont pass looking at conditions as you
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head towards tassajara. brake lights there towards westbound 680. give yourself some extra time. if you are working towards the golden gate bridge this morning, so far one of our bright spots we have some roadwork reported northbound 101 at sir francis drake is wrapping up in the next few minutes. or may have already. and you can see traffic very light into san francisco. no delays there and checking in with bart, everything is right on time. about 47 trains for bart. that's a look at traffic. here's lawrence with your forecast. >> a lot of things going on this weekend. we are getting ready on this friday morning and we are starting out with plenty of clouds around the bay area early on and it's going to be a slow burnoff throughout the day today. low clouds have stretched all the way onshore into some of the valleys, as well. temperatures mainly in the 50s now. by the afternoon, slowly break up a bit becoming mostly sunny but very mild inland. i think highs only in the mid- 70s in the warmest spots. inside the bay 60s and 70s along the coast. going to continue with a few clouds and temperatures there in the 50s and 60s. well, this area of low pressure doesn't look like much but it is strong enough to bring with it more clouds and a stronger sea breeze to the bay area and as it
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approaches the coastline going to see some cooler weather right on in through the weekend. we are seeing delays at sfo of almost 90 minutes this morning because of that cloud deck on arriving flights across the country. we have a cold outlook and those temperatures way down only about 50 degrees for a high today in denver. they could see a mix of snow and rain there today. 55 degrees in chicago, new york 79 degrees latter part of the weekend even some cold air coming in their direction. around the bay temperatures in the 70s in the south bay, sunshine by the afternoon. 50s and 60s toward the coastline. only mid-70s in the places that saw some 90s even triple digits just a few days ago. and inside the bay that sea breeze going to be fairly strong, slow breakup of the low clouds and fog. plan on about 65 degrees. a little breezy and cool into san francisco. next couple of days the temperatures will continue to drop off. may get cool enough in the atmosphere to mix out some of the low clouds good for fleet week if you want to see the blue angels and then there's a chance, that's right, there's a chance of a few showers, doesn't look like a big deal,
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on monday. but, of course, this is just the beginning of what is likely to be some wetter weather in the latter part of the month. back to you. >> thank you. today marks one year since the death of silicon valley pioneer steve jobs. the cofounder of cupertino- based apple was 56 when he lost his battle with pancreatic cancer october 5, 2011. in his honor today, the flag will be flown at half-staff at the cupertino civic center. jobs made his final public appearance there at a city council meeting. that was just months before he died. a happy ending to a missing dog story out of san jose. >> little meeko is back and a little girl's beloved pup is back in her arms. ten-year-old marisa was reunited with her dog yesterday. burglars broke into her home in san jose monday and the dog had just disappeared. she offered her piggy bank money as a reward and got a lot of attraction. a woman spotted the dog at a target parking lot and brought the dog back.
6:20 am
>> just happy that he is safe and back with our family. he is going to be safe no matter what now. >> san jose police and the firefighters and a city council member upped the reward to $6,000. the woman said she is going to take that money and buy her kids a dog because apparently they got attached to little meeko. >> a cutie. coming up we have hockey fans. you may have tickets but there's no hockey to be played. a lot of games have been canceled. tell you about that. >> and an amazing catch. how the usc trojans make a comeback over utah. our play of the day is coming up next. >> we want to hear why your school is cool. you can submit your nomination on our website, and we may feature school on the air. so check it out.
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lots of events this weakening. walk to end alzheimer's is in walnut creek. should be mostly sunny and 70 degrees. more on your weekend forecast coming up. >> and the metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. we're monitoring an accident at the metering lights blocking the number 2 lane. also slow south 880 near embarcadero. details on all this in just a few minutes. the national hockey league's player lockout is already starting to chip away at the regular season. the nhl announced yesterday it has cancelled the first two weeks of the regular season so no games until at least october 24. the cancellations include five sharks games including three to be played in san jose. negotiator for team owners and players union have met in recent days, but they failed to agree on how to divide the
6:25 am
revenue. the giants and athletics are getting ready for the first play-off game. lots of baseball this weekend. san francisco will open its series against cincinnati at home tomorrow night. the manager has matt cain tomorrow and bumgarner for game for the as, jerrod parker is the starter for game one against the tigers tomorrow. the team in detroit for the first two games and the next three here's. the as won three of seven games they played against the tigers this year and oakland has the best record in the major leagues since june 2. they are on a mission. good luck. play of the day college football utah matt barkley with a pass to randall who makes a in -- to hits randall with a one- handed grab right in the end zone and then a nice little slide. impressive. they beat the utes 38-28 last night in utah. 6:25.
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coming up, american airlines scrambling to fix its slipping seats problem of the the bay area flights that have been affected. >> plus, bursting at the seams. how to avoid the weekend gridlock in bay area events this weekend. >> gas at more than $5 a gallon? it is a reality here in the bay area. we'll take a look at the numbers next.
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griego. d i'm frank mallic captions by: caption colorado good morning, it's friday, october 5. i'm michelle griego. hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. gas prices shooting up 16 cents overnight. >> and the sliding seats problem grounds flights at sfo. those stories and more in your
6:30 am
"morning minute." we have never seen a spike like this. this is just brand-new territory. >> new sticker shock at the pump. gas prices soar past $5 a gallon in the bay area. ed >> it is even worse than the experts had predicted for some gas stations in the bay area. american airlines canceled dozens of flights as it scrambles to fix its problem with loose seats. >> i spoke to a woman who said she sat in one of those seats and she just doesn't feel safe. >> it was moving. it was just moving. carmageddon san francisco, car-pocalypse. avoid san francisco unless you want to be part of the fun. >> what you didn't hear last night from the president is why it is the next four years are going to possibly be better than the last four years. >> he will get rid of regulations on wall street but he is going to crack down on sesame street. >> and a little girl's prayers are answered. a good samaritan reunited her with her puppy. >> i'm just happy that he's safe and he's back. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning."
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald the nation's unemployment rate fell to 7.8% last month dropping below 8% for the first time in nearly four years. the number is down from 8.1% in august. the economy created 114,000 jobs last month sending the jobless rate to its lowest level since january of 2009. and wall street was impressed. stock futures rose modestly. now the friday session is getting under way and the opening bell just rang. looking at the big board right here, the dow is up 60 points. we'll get a live update on the numbers from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks in 15 palestinians. 16 cents that's how much gas prices went up overnight if you can believe it. >> go to bed and you're out almost a quarter. anne makovec in cupertino now with the bump at the pump. we can seat prices behind you.
6:32 am
it's unbelievable, anne. >> reporter: yeah, penny- pinchers avert your eyes because this is kind of a scary sight. right now the price for a gallon of regular unleaded here at the 76 in cupertino is just shy of 5.40 a gallon. just shy of 5.60 a gallon for premium gas at this point. prices have risen 16 cents a gallon since yesterday. that's after a big jump earlier this week. the spike is being blamed on refinery and pipeline problems in both northern and southern california including the chevron refinery fire. that was in richmond this summer. gas inventory in california are at the lowest level in more than ten years and drives are feeling the pain. >> as a person that's in the middle class, it's very hard you know, to try to save and have a family in the bay area and keep paying these prices. >> we have never seen a spike like this. this is brand-new territory. >> i can't pay the bills like that. if this is going to keep like that we are going to have to close the doors. >> reporter: according to aaa, nearly 4.60 a gallon in san
6:33 am
francisco. 4.53 in san jose and 4.52 in oakland. now, down in southern california, some costco stations have actually run out of gas. they have locked up their pumps until further notice. we checked with some stations here in the bay area and they do have gas at costco stations in the bay area. so luckily the prices at this station are more the exception than the norm but if you looking for the cheapest prize in your neighborhood, and we have them all for you right now live in cupertino, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. >> so do you got any weekend plans? are you desperate for something to do? any reason to get out of the house? in case you haven't heard, you have options! you have lots of options this weekend. but pack your patience if you are coming here to san francisco. cbs 5 traffic reporter elizabeth wenger along the embarcadero with one busy weekend, liz. >> reporter: that's right. i have heard it called all sorts of things, carmageddon san francisco, whatever you want to call it, it may sound
6:34 am
dramatic but a million people are expect to be in san francisco. two of the biggest draws are of course the america's cup fleet week. we have some of the navy vessels behind me. we have some of the sailing yachts, as well. i just saw a caravan of military vehicles going down embarcadero. you don't see that every day. if yesterday was any indication. [ sound of blue angels flying ] it's going to be a loud weekend in san francisco. [ sound of blue angels flying ] >> reporter: that was the blue angels as they did their practice round yesterday. they are going to practice again today. and then do their performances saturday and sunday. so don't drive. it should be a real surprise. but parking will be extra difficult in san francisco. to avoid gridlock, avoid the waterfront, use side streets if you can or maybe the san mateo bridge a less popular bridge might be a good option. if fleet week and america's cup weren't enough, we made a map with just a few of
6:35 am
america's -- we made a map with just a few of the other events this weekend. there's hardly strictly bluegrass at golden gate park, giants games at at&t, 49ers, castro street fair, italian heritage parade in north beach and then outside the city we have florence and the machine in mountain view, madonna in san jose, cal game, stanford game. so instead of driving, use matt transit. bart, ferry, muni, you name it they are all ramping up service in weekend. by the way, bart had two of their top ten ridership days ever earlier this week and they really expect those numbers to soar on saturday and sunday. it it should be a hodgepodge of event but it should be a fun weekend here in san francisco. for the latest, go to our website, so that's the latest on traffic coming up in the next couple of days. for more on the roads right now, we go to gianna. i know she is following a hotspot sounds like near the bay bridge. >> exactly. we have an accident at the
6:36 am
metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. now, they are working on clearing it out of lanes. now we are getting reports of a broken-down vehicleas well reported at the cantilever section so the metering lights have been turned on. you can see the damage is done. traffic is backed up well into the maze at this point. so give yourself some extra time. jumping to the maps right now getting a look at conditions as you work your way around and about not too far from there. this is our mobile5 unit. kcbs' alan brooks is driving around the maze checking conditions. so we were seeing some delays but looks like past all this traffic moves well along 880 and highway 24. now, elsewhere, if you are headed towards the incline, this is what you're in store for. this is a live look at conditions just crawling along as you work your way through that area. we'll continue to keep you updated on that. mass transit if you want to use bart everything is on time. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> we have plenty of low clouds and fog around the bay area this morning if you are head out the door. the clouds have stretched even to the valleys now. so the temperatures starting out not too bad. you have 50s in most spots with a cool 40s showing up in the
6:37 am
north bay valleys. for the afternoon, yeah, we are just not going to see all that sunshine warming up those temperatures. just a couple of days ago on tuesday we had 100 degrees in concord. today it's almost 30 degrees cooler at 72. san francisco almost 30 degrees cooler at 56 degrees from 94. impressive. looks like cooler temperatures for the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. more flights from american airlines are grounded today because of loose seats. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is live at sfo with more. >> how many flights are canceled? >> reporter: i saw two flights to miami and orlando are obviously still canceled. and 44 flights are canceled nationwide. but the airline says they hope to have this all back to normal by saturday. imagine having rows of seats fall into your lap midair. that was reality earlier this week. the airline pulled 48 boeing
6:38 am
757s out of service to make repairs so they are going to be a lot of unhappy travelers today. these repairs started earlier this week after loose seats were reported on two separate 757s that were recently refurbished. they used them for 20 years with no problems the travelers are recalling the terrifying experience they had earlier this week. >> they have traced the problem to the saddle clamps to secure the seats to the floor of the plane. in addition to that they say it was a combination of wear, poor design and even spilled soda on the tracks. so of workers have identified a loose row of seats on six planes. federal officials say they will be continuing a safety investigation. again, this all stems from those two separate incidents that happened on monday.
6:39 am
they hope to have everything back to normal by tomorrow. live at sfo, cate caugiran, cbs 5. contra costa county officials will explain today why you should never handle bats and other wildlife. a 34-year-old contra costa county man died of rabies two months ago while working overseas. they think he contracted the fatal disease back in march when he came into contact with a bat in southern contra costa county. it is the county's first rabies death in nearly 20 years. the meningitis outbreak blamed for five deaths has reached the state of california. a tainted steroid drug is being blamed for an outbreak of fungal meningitis in six states including here in california. symptoms include headache, nausea, dizziness, and fever. the steroid suspected is used to treat back pain. testimony set to resume today in the murder trial of giselle esteban accused of killing nursing student michelle le last year. this week, witnesses' testimony
6:40 am
suggested esteban took extraordinary effort to find le a former high school friend. one witness said she broke into the offices of samuel merritt college. the morgan hill hill mom accused of ditching her daughter at a safeway after a botched shoplifting event is back in the bay area. police say marcy keeling told her 10-year- old daughter to push a grocery cart out ofthee store and abandoned her when the girl was caught. keeling was caught in nevada. the daughter is currently living with her grandmother. is mitt romney backtracking? what the presidential hopeful is saying about the infamous 47% comment. >> and preparing for a weekend of gridlock, san francisco's police chief joins us live to explain his plan to avoid a traffic nightmare. >> and how about the market? it is reacting now to the jobs report. let's take a quick check of the early numbers on a friday. and it is all a bonus. everything in the green. we have kcbs moneywatch
6:41 am
reporter jason brooks to crunch the numbers when we come back. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing
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mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. percent of voters are dependent on government. mitt romney says he was completely wrong when he commented that 46% of voters are dependent on government. he told fox news' sean hannity he believes in supporting all americans. meanwhile, romney and president obama both hitting the campaign trail yesterday following their first debate in colorado. the president acknowledged romney's stellar performance but questioned the republican challenger's accuracy. >> when i got on the stage, i met this very spirited fellow who claimed to be mitt romney! but i know it couldn't have been mitt romney because the real mitt romney has been running around the country for the last year promising $5
6:45 am
trillion in tax cuts that favor the wealthy. >> i saw the president's vision as "trickle-down government." and i don't think that's what america believes in. >> nielsen estimates 67 million people saw wednesday evening's debate, the most watched debate since 1992. the jobs report will be a hot topic on the campaign trail today. america's unemployment rate is at a nearly 4 year low and wall street apparently is liking it. of course they are. and here to talk about it is jason brooks with kcbs and jason, good morning. >> good morning. certainly good news to see the unemployment rate dropping from 8.1 to 7.8% in september. kind a surprise. nobody saw that coming. the jobs gain of 114,000 really wouldn't signify that we would see the rate drop that much. they did revise the prior two- month hire by 86,000 jobs. that does help out. typically you like to see gains of around 200 to 250,000 per
6:46 am
month to chip away at the high ranks of unemployed. there were a lot of people taking on part-time jobs. more than a half million new part-time workers that did contribute to the unemployment rate dropping a bit. market does like those numbers to a degree. a little curious about the big drop despite only a mediocre gain of 114,000 jobs. dow up by 46 points. nasdaq up 10. s&p up by 5. one local stock to be watching today is social game major every maker zynga cutting their forecast for the rest of the year. its games are losing popularity and its shares are diving by 21%, just a rough go for that company over the past few months. as a result, facebook is also dropping around 3% in sympathy. back to you guys. >> sympathy. okay. thank you, kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. have a great weekend. and this is crossing the wires right now. mitt romney has responded to the latest jobs report and he says that the nation's unemployment rate that dropped to 7.8% is, quote, not what a
6:47 am
real recovery looks like. he says simply that the rate is low in part because a lot of people have stopped looking for work. >> at least heading in the right direction. >> it's going to -- we have said it all morning long it's going to play a part in fact campaign definitely today. >> absolutely. this is one of the biggest weekends for san francisco. it's a friday and we're expecting a crush of fans. there's music, sports, the blue angels, a whole lot more. we are going to turn to men who will not shy away from the weekend gridlock. cbs 5 political insider phil matier with san francisco police chief greg suhr and former mayor willie brown and chief from the traffic to the crowds over a million people are going to be here. is it all worth it? >> is it worth it? a million people right in the city? >> i think it's terrific! this is going to be as big a weekend as ever been in the city. >> so any advice for people that don't want exactly to spend the whole day in the car? >> yeah. avoid driving especially on the weekend. the embarcadero is going to be
6:48 am
gridlocked. public transportation just saw the t line go by. that's the way to go. walk, bike, take public transportation. you don't want to be in a car east of twin peaks this week. >> so mayor brown are you planning on taking a bus to where you' going? >> no. as a matter of fact, i'm going to walk. i normally walk. >> reporter: where are you going? >> i'm going to hit every, single thing that's free. [ laughter ] >> reporter: people coming in from all over the bay area. what do you expect to be the biggist ? is it going to be the blue angels, the bluegrass fest, what is it? >> i mean, you talk about all over the bay area, all over the world, you got the boats behind me with all the country's flags on them. i think america's cup is going to be big. hardly strictly bluegrass is going to be crazy. castro street fair will be a great event. and then of course, we have italian heritage club parade and on and on. don't forget as a baseball game, quite a baseball game. and a football game to be had. >> the giants will be playing justin baker's reds. >> right down the street.
6:49 am
>> correct. and the bills and the 49ers will be going at it, all of that -- >> what's the hottest ticket? >> the hottest ticket i think, phil, this time around would be the free one for the bluegrass festival. [ laughter ] >> believe it or not. >> you got a thing about free this week. >> absolutely! >> where do you see the highest concentration of people? >> it's going to be right here on the embarcadero. everybody trying to get north and south from either the wharf or the italian heritage fest down to at&t where we're beating up on the reds. >> reporter: a little editorializing. >> like that. editorialize all you want. [ laughter ] >> how many cops? >> what's it doing to the department with all this going on? how many people are you expecting to have out? >> we have just about every san francisco police officer working. and god bless them. they know how big an event it is. we got little or no events. poa was great. they will be out here in numbers, directions, stickers on kids and, of course, keeping
6:50 am
everything safe. >> reporter: so we're basically talking about everything, all leaves, all days off canceled, everybody is going to be in san francisco for the weekend? >> fortunately we didn't cancel everybody but just about everybody that wanted to work or could work is working. >> reporter: by the way, guys, let's not forget that after the weekend, after the 49ers, after the america's cup, after the blue grass festival, after all of that, president obama is coming in right? so you're going to have a good time there, too , huh? >> yes. the president of the united states loves coming to san francisco. i'm surprised he is going to minutes the weekend but he will be here monday. and he is coming to get advice on how to debate. [ laughter ] >> from you, from him, from anybody? >> quick before we go, mayor, what do you think of the debate? real quick. >> i think mr. obama got his hat handed to him in his hand with something in it. >> so he got nailed. >> he did. >> and your advice for mitt romney? >> my advice for mitt romney? keep on lying just like you did
6:51 am
in denver. >> oh!! >> get out of here!! >> mayor brown talking right there. all right, phil matier, thanks so much. chief suhr and, of course, former mayor willie brown. >> we got to show a little love to the as, too, because that's coming up. they're on the road in detroit but they come home on tuesday. all right. my in-laws are in town. >> are they. >> so we're coming into the city. >> oh, my goodness. >> all weekend long. >> it is going to be crazy in the city. there's so many things going on. we are hoping the weather will cooperate. we'll see tooler temperatures in the bay area no getting around that, we'll see cooler temperatures. the key will be to get rid of low clouds. it will be cool enough mixing out some low clouds. but today we are starting out with plenty of clouds, by the afternoon some sunshine. but looks like temperatures going to stay cool to mild outside well below the average. and then the whole weekend looks like we'll stay below average in fact probably a little bit cooler as we head in toward sunday. this low will continue to slowly work its way toward the coastline. that is going to bring with it that cool marine air outside
6:52 am
so that will drop the temperatures. we have delays at sfo of an hour and a half almost on arriving flights there. partly cloudy by the afternoon. around the country we are looking at 84 degrees in houston, some showers in toward denver about 50 degrees there. 79 degrees in new york. and about 55 degrees more rain into chicago. around the bay area today, the clouds will clear out leaving cool temperatures behind. 71 degrees in san jose. only about 68 in san mateo. east bay temperatures up in the mid-70s in the warmest places. then as you get inside the bay those temperatures are going to stay in the 60s for the most part. next couple of days we'll watch those numbers stay cool maybe even a couple raindrops on columbus day and slowly warm up toward the middle of next year. >> traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza is busy, metering lights are on. had a couple of problems this morning. first an accident at the metering lights is cleared out of lanes. we have a stalled vehicle at the cantilever section that's blocking lanes so that's slowing you down as well. and we're getting word of a new wreck westbound 580 at grand. so towards the maze, you're going to see lots of delays.
6:53 am
the good news is once you get past all this mess across the upper deck of the bay bridge headed into san francisco off the skyway, traffic improves. it's clear as you work your way into the san francisco through there. no delays on the lower deck. to avoid traffic problems at the bay bridge, use bart. everything is on time. bart will be a great choice throughout the weekend to deal with all these great events that are happening here in san francisco. ace, muni, caltrain, ferry, all on time. we have an accident northbound 85 at highway 87 blocking lanes and causing a backup there as you work your way in that area. that's a look at traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. 6:53. coming up, a final check of your top stories. >> but first, wait until you see what's happened to gas prices overnight. you might be a little shocked! ask me what it' when my tempur-pedic moves. [ male announcer ] why not talk to someone who owns an adjustable version of the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur advanced ergo. goes up. goes up. ask me what it's like to get a massage anytime you want.
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rising. anne makovec is in cupertino.. with what's causing the bump at the pump. it's enough to make your head spin the way gas prices are rising. >> anne makovec is in cupertino with what's causing this bump at the pump. i'm looking at 5.39 right behind you. >> reporter: just try 5.40 a gallon for regular gas right now at the 76 station in cupertino. luckily this is the exception rather than the norm. here are the current prices. according to aaa. these are the averages. 4.60 in san francisco. 4.53 in san jose. and 4.52 in oakland. bay area prices have risen 16 cents a gallon since yesterday. that's after a big jump earlier this week. the spike is being blamed on refinery and pipeline problems in both northern and southern california including the chevron refinery fire in richmond this summer and analysts predict the prices will continue to yo-yo over the next few weeks so if you're looking for the cheapest price in your neighborhood, we have all the information for your at live in cupertino, anne
6:58 am
makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. more turbulence for american airlines and its passengers. two flights have been canceled this morning out of sfo. nationwide almost 44 planes have been grounded. the airline is taking this time to fix 48 jets that have loose seats. earlier this week, several passengers reported seats literally falling back on the laps of people behind them. scary there. 6:58. a last check of weather and traffic. big weekend is here. big busy weekend. >> yeah. >> you're delivering? >> i think it will be okay. we have onshore patchy fog this morning but should clear out a bit and looks like we'll see more sunshine. what a nice start to the day. that looks good there. temperatures not too bad. mainly into the 50s although we managed to sneak a 60 into oakland only 49 though as you make your way in toward the santa rosa area. temperatures this afternoon below average in the 60s and 70s. weekend cooler than normal but we may mix out the low clouds and fog. showers on monday.
6:59 am
>> there is a chance of a lot of traffic on the roads this weekend. in fact, here's a live look at the bay bridge. this is what it's like right now because of an accident. we had a stall, as well. we have an accident westbound 580 at grand so headed into the maze it is very slow and go but with all the events happening in san francisco, and the bay area this weekend, we are going to see extra busy conditions. so bart will be a great choice if you're headed into san francisco for america's cup fleet week at the giants game. ace, muni, caltrain, ferries, everything is on time. caltrain also ferries are ramping up service, as well. we have things brewing at highway 87, accident blocking lanes. no word of injuries. but if you want to keep up to date for more information on how to get this mess for the weekend check our website, >> we are going to leave with you a shot of the america's cup boats. they are over there by atlantic salmon park right by the battle shims. they are beautiful! and they will

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